Black Hat Web Design: Scraped Content

It’s the internet of things: Steal shit and call it yours


the internet of things. taking an image and using it for your own good
picture credit: pictures in boxes

Scraped content is stolen content

This is a really easy post to be honest. Scraped content is pure and simple stolen content from either 1 or more sources and republished on another site. There is not getting around that really, you are stealing things if you are scraping content.

There are several layers to scraped content and there are layers within those layers, but it all boils down to the fact that if you didn’t create it, you shouldn’t use it. You are not safe if you are creating a “curation” site either, folks.

Too many people think that they can host videos or images from another site on their site, add some advertisements and start swimming in a scrooge mcduck style money bin.

This is 100% false premeise. You can not rank long term with scraped content.

So why do people do it? Simple. They are lazy and creating new content is hard. Stealing sa bunch of content and stiching it together as your own is simple, especially with programs that do exactly that. You can run scrapebox or xrummer and steal 1,000 articles and then use spintext to create 10,000 “unique” articles from that. So if you are creating a churn and burn website to sell something like Viagra or some other fad you can’t get ADWORDS on, you go the spam route. Honestly, who is going to spend the time crafting content around some weight loss diet fad?

No one. That is why all of these pages are almost exactly the same, just with different spin text.


Take a look at this blogspot page, who is ranking first page images for “low carb weight loss”

This is a massive keyword, which I’m sure brings in some traffic, the blog states 25k visits. Out of those 25,000 people, do you think 1 of them got value or help from this page?

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