Black Hat Seo: 301 Nuke

The age old practice of hiding in plain sight

Ok so you have read around and know what a 301 redirect is and you know what a URL shortener is, but how do they work together for some of the shadiest SEO on the planet?

Easy, URL shorteners, for the most part, want to make money. They make money by having people use the service and driving throughtraffic. They can’t exactly broadcast that they allow blackhat SEO, but the smart ones don’t disallow it either.

Remember, every single action with that re-direct is a signal of the strength and authority of that domain/shortener. Do you think they allow you to use their bandwith because they are nice? LoL.

So you are here for an example, I get that. Here you go:

Example: -> -> -> ->

Ok so you can start to see how this is bad right?

Each step in the link is like a money laundering scheme, it removes most of the negative you would get from things like spammy comments and then washes the link juice down the trip. Just so you understand, these are not multiple redirects of, the tumblr 301s the the 301s the the 301s the and finally the is a 301 to the main site.

Google bot going to get lost here and can’t track that many hops, so it just does its thing and tells a human to look at it, that’s why you will 100% get caught without questions

You can send as many spammy and shit backlinks as you can to that last hop and it will pass a small amount of backlink juice back to the main site. If you do this with 10,000,000 shitty blog comments, you can imagine.

This is the basis of 301 nuke, which is completely black hat SEO and is covered in the google webmaster guidelines[1], but this is a solid example of what NOT to do, you WILL get caught doing this shit, and you WILL get deindexed, it’s just a matter of time.

If you visit that tumblr page you have 4 hops to get to the main site, then 3 at the then 2 on the then 1 hop at the

The 301 Nuke principle comes from a software called, wait for it, 301 nuke,. It doesn’t really work so hot anymore, but it used to work really well for short term rankings. That’s not to say that the idea behind it doesn’t work still.

So the concept is you build a link tier to the main site using absolute garbage shit post links from xrummer or scrapebox or GSA. Whichever auto-poster you like, you spin it up and let it find and post comments across the web using spintext and various anchors, or honestly it doesn’t even matter about spuntext because google doesn’t know these all lead to the same place.

See Googlebot is lazy and it won’t take more than one hop, but it also will not index a 301, so what happens is you send tons and tons of links to all levels of the 301 wheel, which then will get each of those redirects crawled.

Because Googlebot is dumb, it sees each individual hop as a “page”, but it’s really just a 301 to the money site.

Extrapolate that out a bit and you can see the damage something like this can do, you would never want to send that many shitty links directly to your content site right? Of course not, but what about a 301? You can’t control the traffic through there and “technically” you are not linking to your site.

Put multiple hops on there and make sure you only have “clean” links to the last hop and to your money site and boom goes the dynamite.

You 100% will get caught doing this because Googlebot will dump the logs to a human who will sniff this out in about 10 seconds, but Googlebot takes around 4-5 sometimes up to 8 weeks to get in front of a human.

Check out the top results for the domain using in google advanced operators, you will see beSTORM black box software testing. Twitter’s redirect service which serves hundreds of thousands of redirects a day, and the top result for their “domain” is a black hat/hacker testing group.



Check out when you search for “black box software testing” though. Those guys are nowhere to be found. They are using the power of the twitter redirect service to rank the virtual page redirect instead of their actual page. Obviously this is fleeting, but it does work.

SERP results for black box software testing

Imagine what you could do with 1st page ranking for 8 weeks?

Stop that, that’s literally the opposite of how you should think, take that same time and create great content and share it and you will be in the first page forever.

Shortcuts may work for churn and burn, but honestly, how much work are you putting into gaming the system? Just make good shit and share it, it works better I promise.

[1] google webmaster guidelines