About Black Hat Web Design

My name is Shawn David and this is my blog. I have been designing and developing websites since 1995 and have seen the best and worst of everything surrounding the industry.

From the wild west days of keyword stuffing, cloaking and hijacking pages to the more subtle native advertising, guest posts and listicles there are always going to be people trying to game the system to make a quick buck.

I was, unfortunately, one of those people for too long. Far too long I put my moral compass aside in favor of making money and that just doesn’t sit well with me anymore. So, now this blog is here for you to learn all the bullshit these guys pull. Pull the curtain back on the “magic” that they spout and try to educate on the right way to do things.

Does blackhat web design and black hat seo still work? Fuckin’ A it does. For short term goals and quick churn and burn sites, there is no other way. If you are here to try and learn how to further your black hat, good luck as you will be caught almost immediately using any of the things I show here.

Go ahead and try it, but don’t say you were not warned. For the rest of you, I am your resource into this world of bullshit. If you have questions about specific topics or tactis, if you need help because someone is attacking you or outranking you in unfair ways, I am here for you.

The days of being over run by spam and idiots thinking they can game the system needs to end, and it ends by learning their tricks and altering our tactics to beat them.

You can beat a black hat with white hat every time, you just have to be smart.

I hope you learn, I hope you get pissed off enough to do something, I hope we can chat and enjoy each others’ brains.

Here’s to your success,